To tell the truth, there are very few SEO companies in the country that deliver consistent and high search engine results that so many companies out there promise. In fact, in my 10 years of SEO experience, over 70% of my clients came to my company because they were dissatisfied with the results of previous SEO companies they had worked with. Although many of these companies’ prices were affordable, they promised quick results, often resulting in ranking them for super long-tail keywords that had ZERO MONTHLY SEARCHES!

Obviously, you’ll never be satisfied working with a company that isn’t trying to help you meet your goals! So, whether you are an upcoming SEO specialist or a business owner actively seeking local SEO services in Tallahassee, allow me to give you the secrets behind being a reliable and effective SEO Company in Tallahassee.

Keyword Research By Tallahassee SEO Professionals

No matter your field of expertise, thorough research about several important factors is the key to being ahead of other competitors in your market. A dependable Tallahassee SEO company should always begin a client’s SEO strategy with a good amount of keyword and market research. (That’s my favorite feature of our monthly ranking special! All the keyword research is included!) After all, you wouldn’t want to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, only to find out a few months later that the keywords you were targeting have insanely high competition you won’t be able to rank for, do you?! Absolutely NOT!

The whole idea behind investing in SEO services is to gain more customers from the massive amounts of traffic coming from Google’s top 10 ranking positions by earning web authority and popularity.

And the only way that’s possible for many small businesses is to target keywords that have low-medium organic competition that they have a good opportunity to rank for. That’s why research is the very first step to your online success!

I love the quote by Brian Tracy and often remind my clients that: ‘Every minute you spend in planning (& research) saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!’

In the SEO industry every minute spent researching can save you months of resources! I really can’t say this enough!!!

As an SEO specialist, it’s our duty to do our best to educate our customers on all services and methods as much as possible. It can be challenging though to effectively educate about all the What, Why’s and How’s of a successful SEO campaign and in such a short amount of time. Let’s face it, it would be great if every SEO could do deep thorough keyword research on each client before even accepting a proposal, but they’d be out on the street from spending so much time working for free! So it remains, as with any kind of financial investing, that business owners must have a strategic approach to their SEO and online marketing efforts, and many times that involves doing some homework on your own.

There’s no ‘set amount’ of research that is a standard across the board for SEOs, each one has a slightly different formula, however when it comes to the topic of keyword & market research, our recommendations are as follows.

Overdrive Strategies’ Recommended Method Of Keyword Research For SMBs:

  1. Find the: organic keyword competition, number of monthly Google searches, average cost per click price, Adwords competition, number of impressions, and direct keyword competitors for 1,000-3,000 industry-related keywords.
  2. Organize & Sort the keyword research by: Organic competition (low to high), separate the Google Adwords information & sort (low CPC to high), finally – silo keywords by search intent. Now you’ll know which keywords can be ranked for the quickest, which will be the best for PPC, and you’ll have your keywords in siloes by search intent to make content creation much easier.
  3. Research your direct keyword competitors. These will be the top 10 companies or websites that are targeting the same focus keyword you are.       The depth of competitor research will depend on your keyword researching skills or the methods of the Tallahassee SEO company you’re working with. We recommend doing a basic scan over the competitors main website pages, blog posts, and social media channel to get a good overview of their focus keywords, target audience and special offerings.

*This is one of the biggest elements many SMBs miss, simply because they don’t have the time or know-how. Find out what your competitors are doing so you know what to do better. If you don’t have the time, find a professional who can help you with competitor research – this ‘inside information’ is power that can help you better craft your content, link build, and even your social media efforts!

Being consistent and creative in today’s market is not easy. 9 times out of 10 it requires the help of a professional SEO company to stay up to date with Google’s way of ranking websites and reinventing yourself to the various trending ways.


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(SEO experts) Identify The Client’s Niche Expertise

Being able to satisfy different types of clients with different expectations requires you to know your target audience. While some website owners are interested in seeing their sites ranked on the first positions of Google, others may be interested solely on increasing their leads or clientele. Getting clear on expectations is a crucial starting point that SEO experts should be focused on! Search engine optimization packing and pricing will be different depending on how much work and time needed to rank a company’s site. After all, a dentist targeting local Tallahassee residents will not have the exact same needs as a plumber targeting locals seeking SEO Bakerfield CA.

If you’re out looking for professional SEO companies – start with a consultation & then research, these will be the best services to get you started. By doing in-depth research from the start, you will have the best odds for online success and can help cut down on overall costs by starting with lower competition keywords.

A Good Tallahassee SEO Company Should Keep Their Word & Deliver Results!

Getting more traffic & visitors to a client’s site is usually the main goal of search engine optimization services. Every client wants to see value for their investment and hence, as a serious SEO company you should aim to deliver exactly what you promise.*If you’re seeking a Tallahassee SEO company that will put results before dollar signs – give us a call at (888) 808-3898.

Use all proper tactics and expert knowledge to make sure the customer’s website really does improve in Google’s Search results. Also, have good communication with your client for best results. A customer may be willing to pay higher for customized services and this can’t be achieved if you don’t communicate with them.

Are you a business owner that’s been recently looking for SEO services in the past 6 months? What have your experiences with these companies been like?  Did you feel they would be able to meet your goals? What were your reasons for not hiring them? Share your experiences and comments below.

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