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How to treat a yeast infection at home

Yeast infections mainly become a nuisance to women infecting the vaginal area.  The at home yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans. The bacterium naturally exists in your body. Some conditions will create a hub for the yeast to grow. On the other hand, some common symptoms that should raise an alarm include an intense burning sensation, itchiness, grayish whitish cheesy vaginal discharge and an irritation around the vaginal area.

According to a recent research, about four out of ten women, fall as victims at least once in their lifetimes. Luckily, the bacterium doesn’t cause much threat unless if it persists. At home yeast infection can easily be treated at the comfort of your bathroom using readily available resources from your kitchen.

Doctors have advised on the use of plain yoghurt not only when affected but regular intakes. Yoghurt contains an essential bacterium namely acidophilus and bifidus that eradicate yeast. With the consequent intake of plain yoghurt, yeast growth is minimized or completely eradicated.

The science is further employed during home treatment of the yeast infection. Plain yoghurt will treat the yeast infection by only applying topically. Insert some pain yoghurt into the vagina using a sterilized plastic tampon applicator or a clean finger just to ensure that no further infections will erupt. However, it is specified that only plain yoghurt should be used and should have active cultures.

Moreover, you can douche the infected vaginal area with a solution of one to three tablespoons of vinegar in a quart of pure clean water. However, if the symptoms recur or persist past a week, seek further assistance.

Sugar has been scientifically proven to promote yeast growth. Hence, the decrease or elimination of sugary foods in your diets will help contain the growth of the bacterium.  Additionally, at the comfort your kitchen, you could peel fresh clove of garlic, wrap it in a gauze and gently insert it into the vagina. Garlic has been passed as a cure since it contains a natural anti fungal agent. You could also try a herbal douche that consists of a combination of equal amounts of raspberry, sage and comfrey with a quarter part goldenseal. You could combine the solution with cider vinegar.

Yeast infections generally cause an irritation that requires fast eradication. Nonetheless, many victims don’t know that they could treat themselves without visiting the gynecologist. However, if the above treatments don’t work, you are advised to seek professional help.

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