Everyday I wake up and the first thing I ask myself as I sip my cup of coffee is, “Is there another site like Fiverr, really?” Probably you are wondering why I should keep asking myself this same question every morning when there are better things to do, right! Well, if I must tell it all up front, then I have to be frank, we’ve gone through over a dozen lists and 100+ websites and Fiverr Clones and NOTHING – I mean NOTHING has come close to Fiverr. The 2nd runner up is SEOClerks that gets a mere 7% of the search volume that Fiverr does. So I’d say that it’s safe to say, there is no other site like Fiverr, with incredible money making gigs that any freelancer could take advantage of, and the ability to make some good money, see crorkservice or Fiverr Dominator as examples of what I’m talking about.


If you are reading this article now, do not take it for granted, that’s real evidence of what you can do. Both these guys are making $1.2M and $100K respectively, and neither of them are from English speaking countries! You definitely are a looking for an online marketplace just like Fiverr, where you could offer your services and skills and do this at your own predetermined time. Yes, you read it right! You get to set your deadline and price for the services you intend to offer.


There is nothing so complicated about this whole magical Fiverr thing. The first question you might have to ask yourself is, Is there a skill, service or Art that I have and would love to offer to people out there in exchange for money? Well, if you already answered Yes to this question, then you are already on your way to selling your first Gig on Fiverr! The concept is as simple as that. One has to register on the site, then start selling through offering Gigs for as little as $5 depending on the service the buyers want.


The communication between you and your buyers is secured through use of the Fiverr messaging service. The payment for the service you give is also guaranteed as you do not handle the payments processing yourself. Fiverr does it all for you. Your work is just to focus on delivering quality work for each gig that you sell. Of course dealing with online clients who demand quality service within the shortest time possible might be challenging. They might end up not even paying you. That is why freelancers are looking out for a Site like Fiverr that could do all these stuff for them, just like Fiverr does.


One more thing, you could instantly dominate Fiverr if you get to know and make use of Fiverr Bot. Using this tool, you could create and verify hundreds of Fiverr accounts, manage these accounts, manage the gigs, send messages in bulk to potential buyers and also scan your Fiverr inbox as you reply back inside the software. Fiverr is indeed the Top Dog! No competitor so far has proven this wrong.

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