Praying for Others

Praying for Others Does Work


The Prayer Request made by Karen


This story tells of a prayer that was fifteen years old and how God miraculously answered it.


My friends were engulfed in the planning of the trip to the Holy Land. I rally had the desire to go. I had always dreamt of visiting Israel. I could not simply imagine how wonderful it would feel to walk on the same paths once walked on by great people.


At first, I was a bit hesitant as I had a number of health issues. I had been bedridden for close to a year due to Rocky Mountain spotted fever and I had just only recently started to feel better. I started to pray about the trip as I was not really sure about what I should do. This was the first time in my life that I had asked God to send me a sign. Two weeks after, I was sure that God wanted me to go as he sent me the sign.


I earnestly began to prepare for the trip. I read numerous Bible versions and a number of other reference books. I jotted down noted and kept a daily journal for the trip. I prayed over and over again and asked God to spiritually prepare me. At the beginning of the spiritual journey, I felt very blessed and well prepared. Finally, I was going to fully experience the Holy Land and get to visit all these places that I had been reading and wondering about.


During the flight there, I got a good number of hours to read the Bible and to also say a few prayers. When I was leaving home, my husband was still very drunk. H had repeatedly told me that he did not understand why I wanted to go to Israel as there was nothing real about what people believed concerning God. As we landed in Tel Aviv, I said a prayer asking God to allow this trip to change my life.


While In Israel, I visited the Wailing Wall and put in the same prayer request that I had told God over and over again before; I prayed for my husband to become sober and receive salvation. I never knew how powerful a praying for others was, but I kept faith that God would work with all the intent I had given into my prayers. The following day, I fell and broke my leg; this forced me to stay in Israel for an additional 10 days. I believed this happened for a reason and the reason was for God to answer my prayer. Just four days after I had inserted my request in the wall, my husband became sober and received salvation. It has been more than one year now and I am still truly amazed at the miracle God performed in my life. He does answer prayers! We now go to church together with my husband and I also take him to all his Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

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