Sterling silver chain

Simple Ways of Polishing Your Sterling Silver Chain

After purchasing your silver chains, polishing them becomes a continuous process to ensure you maintain the quality at all times. Polishing ensures tarnish is removed on time. At times, the polishing cloth may fail to remove the tarnish, but there are friendly ways you can comfortably use at home that are economical with ingredients as cheap as from your kitchen. However, before you resort to home cleaning, you should consider the type of sterling silver chains you want to clean because some cleaning needs a specialist because of the complexity of the materials used. For instance, sterling silver chain with pearls or gemstones requires care because of their delicate softer stones.

Whatever cleaner you opt to use, you should ensure you rinse thoroughly with clean running water or a damp cloth. This is especially necessary for detailed or ornament with complicated engravings, as used cleaner may stick inside the engravings. After successful rinsing, it’s important to dry it using a microfiber fabric to prevent water stains likely to form on the shiny surface. Below are ways you can use to clean your sterling silver chain at the comfort of your house.

First, you should use warm water and soap to clean any of your jewelry before using any other available method. This is the first better option if you feel the polishing fabric you initially had is failing to clean.

You can opt for using lemon juice and olive oil. It is simple as you mix a teaspoonful of olive oil with a half cup of lemon juice in a bowl. You take your microfiber cloth into the solution and completely rinse it up completely. There should be no dripping of the solution from the fiber as u start cleaning and polishing your silver. After finishing, rinse it with fresh water and let it dry.

The last basic option is using baking soda and vinegar. This is important if you want to get rid of dark tarnish on your ornaments that is hindering you to conduct effective polishing. The tarnished ornaments are soaked in white vinegar and two tablespoonful of baking soda solution not more than half the cup. They should be soaked for about two to three hours before they are rinsed and dried.

In conclusion, the methods can be used in succession if the tarnish proves hard to get rid of. Take your time and get through the procedures as mentioned above to achieve the shiny look again. Be patient and go through the entire processes before you resort to a specialist.

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